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Petro Top Shargh

introduction of a company

Pahneh Aseman Taban Co. is a subsidiary of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding, which started its activities in 2009, with the construction and operation of a welfare service complex and a multi-purpose fuel station in Kerman; relying on the efforts of young and expert forces, the company strives for its goals. This company is currently operating as a holding with several sub-companies in various oil and tourism fields. With the privatization of National Iranian Oil Company, we managed to start our services under the name of Petro Top Shargh, one of the first oil products distribution chain companies. In this regard, by obtaining the necessary permits and standards and building an equipped laboratory, we succeeded in producing parts for liquid and CNG stations. Also, the exploitation of CNG stations with maximum capacity in each region has been one of the next achievements of the company. Now we are determined to expand the scope of our activities in these fields with increasing efforts every day in order to have a higher position worthy of the name of Jihad Nasr Kerman family in our beloved country.

Perspectives in oil industry:

  • Construction of fuel station according to the latest standards and designs
  • Providing and equipping fuel stations in the shortest possible time
  • Timely purchase of fuel for covered stations
  • Timely payment of the fees of the station owners
  • Timely payment of transportation costs to contractors
  • Quality assurance and control of petroleum products
  • Providing uniforms to employees in covered positions
  • Participating in all affairs related to the development and promotion of the stations
  • Updating the latest version of the application software required by the station
  • Improving the safety of covered stations
  • Training of personnel working in the covered stations
  • Renovation and beautification of covered stations
  • Implementation of KAHAB plan to prevent fuel waste and environmental pollution
  • Bilateral participation in economic activities and related services in addition to the supply of petroleum products
  • Implementation of all repairs with the latest methods and standards of the Oil Company
  • Product transportation with updated standard tankers


Next to alley No. 2, Before Firouzeh Junc., Shahid Sadought Blvd., Kerman.

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Managing Director

Mr. Mehdi Jabalbarezi (Eng.) contact: 09134782885

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