Summary of all soil and water activities

  • Construction of irrigation and drainage network in Normashir plain, Bam
  • Construction of irrigation and drainage network in the Sahel-e Chap Dasht, Rudbar plain
  • Design and construction of water transfer and distribution to the lands of Sistan plain, Hamoon area (EPC)
  • Design and construction of 4200 hectares of subsidiary irrigation and drainage network of Abu Hamizah lands (EPC)
  • Design and implementation of Ramhormoz plain irrigation and drainage sub-network (EPC)
  • Water supply to Tafresh city and its dependent villages, 120 km (PCF)
  • Construction of a pumping station for the main catchment, line and canal for transporting water to Gouria and Gholam Ali Khuzestan
  • Construction of drinking water transmission line from Taleghan Dam to Qazvin with a length of 120 km (1800 mm)
  • Construction of a delay dam, Tonbak TS2D4 Asaluyeh
  • Construction of Shahar Chay Dam, Urmia (Nasr Participation)
  • Construction of Sepidaran Dam, Rafsanjan
  • Construction of Shileh dam, Sistan and Baluchestan
  • 2400-hectare land border protection structure project Shahid Rajaei Port
  • Koohestak fishing port
  • Construction of Kulqan Shrimp Breeding Complex, Bandar Abbas
  • shrimp farming site construction project, Jask
  • Shrimp farming site construction project, sayeh khosh
  • Cage fish breeding site construction project, Qeshm
  • Water supply project to villages (Kahnooj, Rudbar, Ghalehganj)
  • Jask wharf fire extinguisher – Tiap
  • Drinking water transmission line from Kalan Dam to Pardis city
  • Construction of Sirik desalination plant
  • Production, processing and packaging of Honey spring medicinal plants
  • Leveling of traditional agricultural lands in Zabol, Zahak, Helmand, Hamoon and Nimroz cities
  • Bam Household Water Project
  • Livestock breeding of 5000 cattle and sheep
  • Execution of diversion dam and Najafabad water transfer canal in Jiroft
خلاصه کل فعالیت های آب و خاک:
خلاصه کل فعالیت های آب و خاک