Sistan and Baluchestan Jahad-e-Nasr Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 113 technical personnel and more than 89 specialized heavy machineries. This company works in in the fields of excavation, water, road and transportation, etc.

The most important projects

-The construction project of part 5 in the second band of Zabol – Zahedan axis

-The construction project of part 1 in the second band of Zabol – Birjand axis

-The completion project of access to the mines of Sistan and Baluchestan Cement Factory

-Water supply project to rural complexes of Bam, Narmeshir, Reagan and Fahraj

ISO certificates

1.Iso 9001 certificate

2.Iso 14001 certificate

3.OHSAS 18001 certificate

4.HSE-IMS certificate

Competency Ratings of Contracting

-Road and transport (base 1)

-Water (base 2)

-Building (base 5)

-Agriculture (base 4)

-oil and gas (b ase 5)

Zahedan, Dr. Hesabi Sq., Khalije Fars Blvd., Zipcode 98161533 65

Phone: (054) 33 294640, Fax: (054) 33 294642

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Laleyi: 09133 415 880