mehvar gostar shargh

Mehvar Gostar Shargh Corporation is one of the corporations  associated to Jahad Nasr Kerman Holding , which has 469 technical personnel and 145 heavy and specialized machines. as well as four asphalt factories operating in the fields of land mining, road and transportation, construction and buildings.

The most important projects

  • Construction of the second runway and asphalt coating of Sirjan- Ghotroeie road.
  • Construction of 3 railway crossings in Sirjan and Bam.
  • Substruction of the first section of Jiroft-Bam railway.
  • Design and construction of the first section of the main road of Kharameh-Neyriz.
  • Construction of Shahid Hossein Hamedani Grade separation in Hamedan city.
  • Construction of the second runway of Bam-Rostamabad road.
  • Construction of Jabaliyeh dome Grade separation in Kerman and Shahr Babak entrance.
  • Construction of the second runway of Bam-Zahedan-Mirjaveh road.
  • Completion of Reagan’s Mohammadabad road to Borjak (Reagan’s Mohammadabad section to Shah Ziarat)
  • Sanitation and construction of entrance No. 2 of Gol Gohar Complex in Sirjan.
  • Fahraj’s river bridge located in Ghaem boulevard exit lane.
  • Grade separation at the entrance of Bam city (velayat intersection).
  • Numerous rural road projects in Bam-Fahraj-Reagan-Narmashir and Sirjan counties.
  • Stripping of Gol Gohar mine in Sirjan.
  • Construction of Reagan County Administrative Complex
  • Construction of Gol Gohar’s 30,000 cubic meter reservoir in Sirjan.
mehvar gostar shargh

ISO certificates

ISO 9001 certification
ISO 14001 certification
OHSAS 18001 certification
HSE-IMS certification
ISO 45001 certification
ISO 50001 certification

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Road and Transportation (Grade 1)

Building and Construction (Grade 5)

Earth Exploration Field (Grade 5)

Address: Kerman – Bahonar town, Baharestan street, corner of alley number 7

Phone: 00983432458693 Fax: 00983432459760

Contact phone number of the CEO Mr. Javad Karimi: +989124802241