Kerman Radniroo Industrial Projects Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 177 technical personel and 26 specialized and ehavy machinaries in the fields of power, oil and gas, facilities, equipment, and water.

The most important projects

-The 9th gas pipeline of the 56-Inch Dehgalan-Miandoab (first part) with length of 124 km

-36-inch gas pipeline of Iranshahr-Zahedan with length of 265 km

-16-inch gas pipeline of Zahedan-Mirjaveh with length of 34 km

-16-inch gas pipeline of Sirjan Steel Complex (Bardsir) with length of 5.12 km

-Designing, supplying, installing, and setting up the purifier in Sirik with length of 4500 cubic meters

-56-inch large water transmission line to the campus and installation of two units of hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 8.8 MW

-Design and construction of solar power plants in different levels

-Major overhauls, gas powerplants at different scales

-Upgrade 39 gas and steam units in Power plants of the country

-Major overhaul and service of distribution transformers and all types of rotary machines as well as the design and manufacture of autotrance

ISO certificates

1.Iso 9001 certificate

2.Iso 14001 certificate

3.OHSAS 18001 certificate

4.Iso 50002 certificate

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Power (base 3)

Equipment and facilitie s(base 3)

Water (base 5)

First-level agency of Iran ransfer Company

Kerman, Keshavarz blvd., Ave. 14, No. 5, Zipcode: 7618834977

Phone: (034) 3213 255 4, fax (034) 3213 25534

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Hassan Hassan Zade, 0913 2402774