radniroo company

Rad Niroo Kerman Industrial Company is one of the affiliated companies of Jihad Nasr Holding in Kerman, which has 274 technical personnel and 58 heavy and specialized machines working in the fields of power, oil and gas, water, facilities and Equipment.


The most important projects

  • Construction project of 26-inch Mehr Aran to Rafsanjan pipeline with Sirjan pipeline branch by EPC method
  • 42-inch Gore-Jask crude oil pipeline project
  • Rasht-Chelvand 42-inch gas transmission line construction project (second area)
  • The ninth national 56-inch gas transmission line Dehgolan-Miandoab (first section) with a length of 124 km
  • Iranshahr-Zahedan 36-inch gas transmission line with a length of 265 km
  • The 16-inch gas transmission line east of Zahedan to Mirjavah with the length of 34 km
  • Procurement project and implementation of 36-inch gas transmission line south of Mashhad
  • 16-inch gas transmission line of Sirjan Iranian Steel Complex (Bardsir) with a length of 5.12 km
  • engineering, procurement,construction,installation and  commissioning of water desalination plant in Sirik city with a capacity of 6000 cubic meters
  • Construction of 42-inch gooreh-jask
  • Large 56-inch water transmission line to campus and installation of two hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 8.8 MW
  • Design and construction of solar power plants on different scales
  • Upgrading Gas and steam units of the country’s power plants
  • Major repairs and service of all types of distribution transformers and all kinds of rotary machines, as well as design and manufacture of transformers
radniroo company

ISO certificates

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 50002

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Field of Power (Grade 3)

Field of Facilities and Equipment (Grade 3)

Water Field (Grade 5)

Iran Transfo Company’s Level 1 after sales services representative

Address: No. 5 – Alley 14 – Keshavarz Blvd.-Kerman – Iran – Postal Code: 7618834977 Phone: 00983432132554  Fax: 00983432132553

Address Tehran: North Kargar St., below the Heart Hospital, Shahrivar St., Hayat St., corner of Laleh, Amin Building, No. 21
Postal Code: 1411973114


Phone: 009832132554 Fax: 009832132553 Contact phone number of the CEO, Mr. Hassan Hassanzadeh Moroei: 00989132402774