Kerman Neginparto Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 210 technical personnel and more than 83 specialized heavy machineries, asphalt and factories, andfour batching devices to create concrete. This company works in in the fields of water, road and transportation.

The most important projects

-Construction of the second bridge of Halil with length of 536 meters on Halil river, Jiroft

-Construction of the second bridge of Shoor river

-Construction of Malanti bridge

-Construction of Sarjaz bridge

-Construction of Jiroft Airport

-Construction of Jamalabad Bridge

-Construction of the second band of Jiroft-Baft

-Construction of second band of Jiroft – Dehbakri axis

-Construction of second bridge of Saghdar

-Implementation of the Najaf Abad- Jiroft dam and cofferdam

-Water Supply Project of Hamoun Plain of Zabol

-Construction of the first part of Borjak- Mohammad Abad Reagan axis

ISO certificates

1.Iso 9001 certificate

2.Iso 14001 certificate

3.OHSAS 18001 certificate

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Road and transport (base 3)

Water (base5)

Kerman, Paradise blvd., Zipcode 7861935 731

Phone: (034) 32712209 – 8 , Fax: (034) 32712209

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Masoud Maleki: 09133 4335 88