Golomaksaze Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 200 technical personel and 110 specialized and heavy machinaries as well as two asphalte factoreis works in the fields of road, transport, water, and buiding.

The most important projects

-Operations for constructing four levels of Mahan-Bam axis (between the three-way of Radin-Darzin)

-Construction of the Andohujard-Jahr-Pushwiya axis

-Carrying iron ore of mines 1 and 3 of Golgohar, Sirjan

-Implemention of the second and third parts of the second band in Baghin-Mahan –Bam axis

-Completion of Hashtadan axis

-Completion of axis of Behtar Abad, Reagan-Gombaki District

-The improvement operation of three-way intersection of of Kerman-Rayen-Husseinabad

-implementation of the second part of the Sirjan – Shahrebabak axis

-Improvement of Mahan-Bam Axis (World Bank)

-Asphalt pavement operations in Bam

-Completion opertation of part 1 of Golbaf- Joushan -Shahdad- Nehbandan axis

-Completion of Darestan- Bam axis

-Completion of Tashk-boghizan axis

-Improvement of the asphalt of second part of the Nasak-Keshit axis

-completion of the third part of Golbaf-Joushan-

-Shahdad-Nehbandan axis

ISO certificates

1.Iso 9001 certifciates

2.OHSAS 18001 certifciates

3.HSE-IMS certifciates

4.Iso 18001 certifciates

5.Iso 10001 certifciates

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Road and transport ( base 1)

Building (base 5)

Water (base 5)

Kerman, Motahari St.,Ave. 36, No. 47, Zipcode 7617674959

Phone: (034) 32515993, fax (034) 3252693 6

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Hussein Bani Asad, 09133 435 621