Bahar Hooni Herbal and Pharmaceuticals Company, is one of the holding companies of Soole Sazan Hadid Karan Kerman Company Which is affiliated with Jahad Nasr Holding of Kerman.

The main activities of this company are production, processing, conversion, packaging, distribution and sale of Herbal plants, herbal extracts and essences, cosmetic products, chemicals and food supplements.

other activities of this company

Also :

Research, laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial and related scientific and practical activities.

Information, technical knowledge and technology exchange.

Production, processing, consulting, purchase, sale and investment of agricultural, horticultural, livestock, fisheries and aquaculture and food products, herbal medicines, Vegetable seeds, nuts, aromatic plants, natural products and traditional medicine.

Cooperation and Partnerships with individuals and legal entities, domestic and foreign companies;

Export, import, grant representation, establish branches and attend exhibitions around the world.

Are other activities of this company.



Bahar Hooni Co. Main office



Keshavarz Blvd, Foolad Building, Unit 55, 5th Floor

+98 34 32125668

CEO: Eng. Mojtaba Movahedi nia

+98 913 3409414