Bafq Kavoshgarannasr Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 903 technical personnel and more than 214 specialized heavy machineries. This company works in in the fields of excavation, water, road and transportation, etc..

The most important projects

-Excavation and transportation in mine 3 of Goharzamin

-Preparing, stripping, and harvesting in mine 5 of Goharzamin

-extraction, transportation, loading and crushing of southern anomalies of Sechahoon mine in Bafq

-The management of Mishdovan crushing plant

-Construction of concrete protective structures in landscape conservation complex of Shahid Rajaee Port Complex

-Water supply in the villages of Kahnooj

-Construction of the Judiciary buildings in Rudbar and Qaleh Ganj

ISO certificates

  1. Iso 9001 certificate
  2. Iso 14001 certificate
  3. OHSAS18001 certificate
  4. HSE-IMS certificate

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Ground excavation (base 1)

Road and transport (base 2)

Building (base 5)

Water (base 3)

Equipment and facilities (base 5)

Bafq, Vahshi Bafqi St., Edalat St., at the corner of ave. 20, Zipcode 8971613 485

Phone: (035) 32431531, fax :(035) 32431531

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Mohammad Reza Jafari: 0913 2742127