Anzan Pooya Technical Engineering Company is one of the subsidiaries of Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Holding having 126 technical personnel and specialized heavy machineries works  in the fields of irrigation and darinage, oil, gas, etc.

The most important projects

-Construction of a 16-inch transmission line in Roshtkhar- Steel complex

-16-Inch Mahan-Bam Gas Transfer Line (Part 2)

-Design and implementation of the secondary irrigation and drainage network of Ramhormoz plain, Development Unit

-Construction of Azadegan pump station for water supply to the area of haze

-Design and construction of a subsidiary network for irrigation and drainage of lands in Azadegan plain, Abu Homeyzeh

-Design and construction of counteracting the haze in Azadegan plain

-Construction of 16-Inch gas transport line from Torbat Heydarieh to  Kashmar

ISO certificates

1.Iso 9001 certificate

2.Iso 14001 certificate

3.OHSAS 18001 certificate

Competency Ratings of Contracting

Water (base 2)

oil and gas (base 3)

building (base 5)

road and transport (base 5)

Tehran, North Kargar St., Gordafarid St., Noshad Ave., No. 2, Uniit 8

Phone: (021) 88350 720, fax (021) 88350 720

Phone number of the CEO, Mr. Ale Tayyeb: 091 630 23463