company Introduction

Kerman Jahad-e-Nasr Company could have a role in reconstructing and developing the infrastructures of the country for more than 30 years based on the extensive support of experienced managers, experts, and employees by using its modern and updated equipment and machinery in big national projects. This company successfully managed to implement more than In industrial fields (steel production, oil and lubricant production, meter construction, silo construction) tourism, transportation, insurance, investment, trade 540 big construction projects in the fields (Oil and gas transmission lines, agricultural water and soil, medicinal plants, agricultural land leveling, dam construction, pier, irrigation and drainage canals, mulching, aquaculture (fish farming in cages and shrimp), desalination plant, road and transportation, Successfully complete bridge construction, tunnel construction, ground excavations, steel, buildings and structures, facilities and equipment. than 9356 experienced and skilled workforces and over 2112 heavy, semi-heavy, and light specialized machineries. It should be noted that many projects which were implemented or under implementation are as EPC and EPCF.

جهاد نصر کرمان
map of jahad nasr projects